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Tufts Health Plan


tufts-hpTufts Health Plan Website

Summaries of Benefits & Coverage

Effective July 1, 2023
Tufts Navigator Benchmark Plan
Tufts HSA Qualified HMO Plan
TUFTS Preventative Drug List – medications at copay level (no deductible when enrolled in the HSA High Deductible Health Plan




Tufts Senior Plans – Effective January 1, 2024

Tufts Medicare Supplement Plan
Tufts Medicare Supplement Rx information
Tufts Medicare Supplement Rx formulary
Tufts Medicare HMO Plan
Tufts Medicare HMO Rx Formulary



Other Information
Tufts Preventative Services Information
Tufts Preventative Care List w/Codes
Tufts Fitness Reimbursement
New Ways to Save on Fitness
Tufts Benefits & Savings
CVS Minute Clinics
CVS Caremark Card
Urgent Care Centers

WSHG Health Plan Comparison Chart & Rates

Comparison Charts & Rates