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Fact Sheet

February 2021

The West Suburban Health Group (WSHG) is a municipal joint purchase group organized under Mass. General Laws Chapter 32B, §12. The WSHG became operational on July 1, 1990 for the joint negotiation and purchase of health benefits for employees, retirees, and their families.

The WSHG’s joint purchase agreement has been signed by eleven (11) participating governmental employers (Participating Governmental Units) located in the metrowest area (area west and south of Boston).

The Participating Governmental Units of the WSHG are:

Towns of Dedham
Town of Wellesley
Town of Dover
Town of Holliston
Town of Wrentham
Town of Natick
Dover-Sherborn Regional School District
Town of Needham
ACCEPT Education Collaborative
Town of Wayland
Town of Shrewsbury

Each Participating Governmental Unit has signed a Joint Purchase Agreement which is a legal document defining terms of participation and the operating by-laws of the WSHG. The by-laws have been written to encourage long-term commitment to participation by governmental units in the WSHG. A Participating Governmental Unit may not apply for re-admission to the WSHG for two years after withdrawing from the group.

The WSHG is governed through a Board made up of a representative of each Participating Governmental Unit. Board members are appointed by the appropriate public authority in the towns, district or collaborative. A Chairman is elected by the Board. The Board appoints committees. The Board meets throughout the year, usually quarterly. A Steering Committee meets more frequently.

Participating Governmental Units pay premiums into the WSHG trust fund. The trust fund pays claims and other expenses.

The WSHG has an appointed part-time professional Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer. The Treasurer collects premiums, pays bills, maintains accounts and monitors investments.

An independent financial audit is performed annually. The FY20 audit report is featured on the WSHG website and is available upon request.

The WSHG has engaged the professional services of a benefits management and consulting firm, Gallagher Benefit Services (GBS), located in Auburn, Massachusetts. GBS serves as the WSHG’s consultant and assists in the operations of the organization and centralizes many functions including enrollments and billing for health plans. GBS also monitors claims and performs centralized COBRA administration.

The anniversary date of the group’s health plans for employees is July 1st of each year. The anniversary date for the Medicare plans is January 1st.


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