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Advantages of Joint Purchasing through WSHG

► Gives small and mid-size governmental employers the health benefits purchasing advantages of a large employer:

• Volume pricing reduces cost margins and administrative expenses

• Large risk pool enhances rate stability and predictability

• Trust fund balances are shared with members in form of future year rate reductions and RDS distributions, for example.

• Employees and retirees can choose from among multiple health plan options

• High service level from health plans

• Regionally-based purchasing. Most employers in WSHG use the same healthcare delivery systems.

► Decisions are made by the members of the WSHG

Each WSHG participating governmental unit gets a voice and a vote on decisions about health benefits and operation of the group. Employers are in control, and decisions are made in the best interest of the WSHG employers.

► Administrative Ease

The WSHG’s central benefits administrator, GBS, reduces administration burden for WSHG participating employers,

• Participating employers deal with GBS for all transactions and questions for all

• Employers receive one consolidated monthly bill for multiple health plans and

• COBRA administration provided by GBS.

► Consulting services provided

GBS provides WSHG with benefits consulting services and reporting and provides its employers with assistance in complying with laws and regulations. health plans. carriers and make one monthly payment to the WSHG.

► Additional programs provided by WSHG

• Wellness programs (under development) and annual wellness stipends to employers

• Dependent eligibility audit provided and paid for by WSHG

• International Rx buying program, alternative generic Rx savings program – saves WSHG money on prescription medications and provides members with prescriptions at no cost.

• Diabetes Rewards® program

• WSHG website

► WSHG structure and meetings encourage idea exchange/problem solving and increase opportunities for innovation

► Current participating employers are free to withdraw from the WSHG on anniversary with appropriate notice as spelled out in the WSHG Joint Purchase Agreement.

Note: Employers that withdraw may not apply to rejoin until two full years have passed.

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