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Health Plan Comparison Charts & Rates


fruitActive Employees or Early Retirees Comparison & Rates:
Effective 7/1/2017
WSHG Health Plan Comparison Chart All plans
Active Plan Rate Saver & Benchmark Rates
Active Plan HSA Qualified High Deductible Plan Rates

HSA Qualified High Deductible Plans – New for July 1, 2017 – ask your employer if they offer these plans

How do HSA Qualified High Deductible Plans Work? – click here for a short, easy to understand video, brought to you by BCBS

Preventative Drug Lists – medications available at the copay level (deductible does not apply) when enrolled in the HSA Qualified High Deductible plans:
BCBS Preventative Drug List
FALLON Preventative Drug List

HPHC Preventative Drug List
TUFTS Preventative Drug List

Senior Plan Comparisons & Rates (Medicare Eligible Retirees):
Effective January 1, 2017
WSHG Medicare Advantage HMO Comparison Chart
WSHG Medicare Supplement Comparison Chart
CY17 Senior Plan Rates 

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Comparison Charts & Rates