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Effective July 1, 2018
SelectCare Benchmark Plan
DirectCare Benchmark Plan

HSA Qualified SelectCare Plan
HSA Qualified DirectCare Plan
Please note – the CanaRx alternative prescription program is not available to members of the HSA Qualified Health Plans at this time.  WSHG is working on a solution, unfortunately,  it will not happen for July 1, 2018.  Please see the Fallon Preventative Drug list below.

NEW !!! HSA Qualified High Deductible Plans – Ask your Employer if they offer them!
Select Care QHD Plan

Direct Care QHD Plan
FALLON Preventative Drug List – medications at copay level (no deductible when enrolled in the HSA High Deductible Health Plan)

Fallon Senior Plan Information
Fallon Senior Plan Benefit Summary
Fallon Senior Plan Highlights
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Fallon Senior Plan On-line Formulary Search – choose Fallon Senior Plan Premier HMO

Other Information:
Fitness Benefit – “It Fits”
Naturally Well
Managing Stress
Wellness is Free 
Preventative Wellness Services
Oh Baby! – for Fallon members who are expecting or adopting.
Nurse Connect – 24/7 Access to a registered nurse
Fallon Health App for your iPhone or Android
Feeling Stressed? – What do you do? – Click here

WSHG Health Plan Comparison Chart & Rates

Comparison Charts & Rates